How to tackle TITA Questions in CAT 2015?

For the few of you who are still wondering what are TITA Questions – this is the acronym for “Type in The Answer” type questions that are going to make an appearance for the first time in the history of CAT. For TITA questions, test-takers will need to key in the required answer using the online keyboard.  These questions will have no negative marking.

In this post, I will attempt to answer some of the queries about TITA that you may have as you ready yourself to take on #CAT2015.

  1. Expected number of TITA questions in each section

I had predicted (during Last Mile to CAT sessions) that there would be 6 to 10 TITA questions in each of the sections. The CAT demo test put up on the official CAT website has a total of 27 questions in the TITA format with 10 questions in the Verbal section, 8 questions in the DI-LR section and 9 questions in the QA section. While the numbers may not be exactly the same, I expect the number of TITA questions in each section to be within the predicted range.

2.  Question-types likely to be asked as TITA

If you have been taking the mock tests and have also seen the official CAT demo test, you would have realized that almost any question type and questions across all areas can be converted into the TITA format. So, keep your mind open to all possibilities with respect to TITA questions. While Reading comprehension was the only area in the CAT Demo test that had no TITA questions, do not be surprised if you see a few of them in the actual CAT.

It is worthwhile to note that 6 out of the 10 TITA Qs in the Verbal section also had options – which meant they were MCQs in the form of TITA (thereby defeating the very purpose of TITA question types). If this happens in the CAT, it will be a bonus as you will then have MCQs with no negative marking.

3.  Should you attempt all TITA questions? Will a low accuracy in TITA        Questions affect your percentile?

First things first, your accuracy has no bearing on your percentile – your percentile will simply be proportional to your raw score. So all these theories about how your percentiles will go down if you have a lower accuracy are plain rumours and can be ignored. Having said this, I believe no-one aims for a lower accuracy!! We always try to get as many questions right as possible. And it is negative marking that desists us from indulging in guessing.

However, as TITA Questions do not have negative marking test-takers would be well advised to attempt every question. So, if it’s a Parajumble and you are not sure of the order key in some order rather than leave the question. If the question is what is the remainder when some number is divided by 17 key in some number between 0 and 16 even if you have no clue as to how to solve the question. If it is a Logical reasoning Question which asks who sits next to Jill, key in one of the names mentioned in the data set – even if you could not solve the set or did not get a chance to even attempt the set.

Caution: This does not mean you overspend you time on TITA questions trying to solve them unto death – it only means you key in some answer rather than leave it blank when you are unsure.

How to prepare for TITA Questions?

I know it is too late to answer this question (with 4 days to go for the CAT).  However, if you have been solving regular questions (Math or Verbal) without looking at or using the options then you are on the right track. For example, you could solve a few parajumbles without looking at options (and therefore not having the advantage of spotting links and eliminating options). As I write, I realize that my colleague has uploaded a few parajumbles on his blog for you to practice. So, visit and have fun.

Note: It is very important that you read the instructions carefully before answering the TITA questions. You need to enter the answer in the format as prescribed in the instructions. So, if you write the answer as ABCD instead of 1234 (contrary to the instructions given therein) for a parajumble, then you may get a ZERO despite getting the question right!!

So, ALL THE BEST for TITA and the rest!!



5 thoughts on “How to tackle TITA Questions in CAT 2015?

    • If the sentences are numbered 1 to 4 in the question and you use the letters A to D while typing in the answer or vice-versa – then your response will be treated incorrect even if you get the sequence right. I came across such a case in one of the SimCATs where the student missed the verbal cut-off due to this silly mistake .


    • The doubt is only because you do not have options (like in MCQs) that affirm your belief that you are right when you find the answer as one of the 4 options…the only solution is trust yourself and your instincts when you solve TITA qs…in any case there is no negative marking


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