SNAP 2015: Expected cut-offs

SNAP 2015 lived true to its reputation of being unpredictable – who could have predicted that one could be asked questions about Akbar and the Bahmani Empire. While the test was characterized by a difficult General Awareness as well as Analytical and Logical Reasoning sections,  the  Quantitative Ability Section and General English section were fairly manageable. In general, SNAP-2015 was significantly tougher than the previous years’ SNAP exams.

The paper had quite a few speed-breakers along the way and test-takers who smoothly traversed the path around these speed-breakers will be the ones who do well in this test. In other words, the best way to maximize one’s score would have been to attempt questions judiciously  without spending too much time on the questions that appeared difficult.

Th cut-offs for the various institutes are expected to be much lower than last year. Here goes my take on what could be the cut-offs for the different Symbiosis programs this year:

SNAP cutoffs

Let me clarify that the above are only indicative guesstimates – to help soothe nerves until the actual results are declared.

Its now time to focus on the next big test of the season, i.e. XAT 2016. Prepare well for XAT – do not worry too much about the SNAP results. If you have given it your best shot, the result will surely take care of itself.

All the best!!



27 thoughts on “SNAP 2015: Expected cut-offs

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    • Anita..its difficult to predict cut-offs for this category as it totally depends on the number of applicants in the category. Hope you get a call from one of the institutes at least. DO let me know if you get one:-)


      • Sir how to preapre for MSC Finance For JBIMS ??
        What should be the statergy to crack it ??
        Please Help Sir
        Thank you Sir


  2. What is the cut off for Sims , I am from army background..
    Nobody tells the cut off for that institute… Is it a good one or not ??
    What is the avg placement from that inst ..


    • Please refer the deadlines of the SNAP accepting institutes. SIBM and SCMHRD have their last date one day before the exam – so you cannot wait for the SNAP results before applying to them.


    • SIMS, until a couple of years back,was only for service personnel and therefore did not have a clearly stated cut-off. However, I believe that a 80 percentile should be safe enough to secure calls from SIMS.


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