New IIMs – To join or not to join!!

Every year I get asked by a whole lot of students as to whether the new IIMs are worth going to or whether they are better options when compared to B-School X or Y; and some rhetorically ask whether they can give as good returns as the older IIMs. In this post, I will attempt to answer this query as objectively as I can.

Let me start off by asking a question – how would you perceive someone if I were to tell you that he is an IIM Indore or IIM Kozhikode Alumnus? Will you ask me which year did he graduate in? I bet – you wouldn’t.   In all probability you will have the same perception about this individual irrespective of his year of graduation. So whether the individual graduated in 1998 or 2005 or more recently from the B-School – the value of the tag that he will derive today from Brand IIM would be the same. Of course, it’s a different thing that not all individuals live up to the expectations set by having this tag.  I remember an HR Head once telling me, “ IIM se hai, toh ek baar milna toh banta hai” (If he is from an IIM, I would at least like to meet him once to explore if there are any suitable opportunities.) I am sure that 10 years from now the same will be true for an alumnus of any of the newer IIMs. To sum up, you should not undermine the advantage of having an IIM tag.

Are the new IIMs as good as the old IIMs?

To put it straight and simple, it is a very unfair comparison. The older IIMs will always have the advantage of having an established brand that started decades ago (IIM A/C – 1960s, IIM B-1970s, IIM L-1980s, IIM I/K-1990s), a strong alumni network that already exists in the industry, state-of-the-art infrastructure, best-in-the-industry faculty, international student exchange programs and last but not the least – very good placement records. In fact, you will find variations in perceptions even between an IIM A and an IIM L for example – but does that make IIM L a bad choice for management aspirants?

The new IIMs may not match the reputation of older IIMs – but in reality, how many other non-IIM B-Schools can really claim to have matched the same.  What we only need to analyze is whether these new IIMs are on their way to being centres of excellence – with processes, faculty,  infrastructure, student clubs & committees, events, exchange programs and industry recognition on their way to catching up with the older IIMs (to a large extent if not completely).  As the new IIMs have the unique advantage of being mentored by the older IIMs – we should not be surprised if the new IIMs catch up sooner than expected.

Here’s a little bit of information about these institutes:

  New IIMs001

What are the alternatives?

Reject a B-School only when you have a better option. There are about 4000+ B-Schools in India and the new IIMs will rate better than most of them, simply because of their IIM tag.  There are only a handful of non-IIM B-Schools that you may prefer over the new IIMs – ISB, JBIMS, XLRI, FMS, S.P.Jain and MDI, to name a few.  A better option could also be continuing with your job or taking up a job– if you strongly believe you can improve your CAT scores or your profile or both by waiting for another year, or if you believe you already have a profile better than what you are likely to get from the new IIMs. In any case – do not reject a new IIM before the selection process is even complete. Go for the WAT-PI, get selected – and then take a decision to join or not based on the alternatives that you have. Believe me – it will be a different feeling to reject an IIM;-)

The baby IIMs

A quick word about the IIMs started last year (IIM Nagpur, IIM Amritsar, IIM Sirmaur, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Sambalpur and IIM Vishakhapatnam) : If you join these IIMs, you are sure to face a whole lot of teething problems as you will only be the second batch graduating from this institute. But if you are someone who wants to be a part of the institute building process, and you do not have a better alternative then you must surely consider joining these institutes. These institutes are also being mentored by the older IIMs (IIM Nagpur, for example, is being mentored by IIM Ahmedabad – and this fact by itself should give you a lot of confidence about graduating from here)

To summarize

Take the decision of joining or not joining a new IIM only after you have carefully evaluated your own profile and the options that you have otherwise. I am sure that a new IIM will be a good option for most MBA aspirants and they would be well-advised to join any of these institutes, if they do get selected.

161 thoughts on “New IIMs – To join or not to join!!

  1. Sir, do you think I have any chance at the IIMs?

    Class X : 90%
    XII : 88%
    BA: 53% I have also done a CS (company secretary course) after graduation and have 61% in it.
    Category : PWD/DA non engineering female.
    Will my CS score compensate my low undergrad? Will I be able to apply in the C2 (professional courses) category instead of the discipline of my undergrad? Please help me out.


  2. Hello Vinayak Sir,

    My profile is as below :-
    10th – 86%
    12th – 83%
    Graduation – 91% (Engineering)
    Work ex – 18 months

    My last 6 simcat scores are in the range of 120-140. (with 99.9+% in DI-LR in all the 6, but english is on the weaker side. I only end up scoring 15-25. I am working to improve it.)

    What are my chances?


  3. hello vinayak sir,

    10th score- only 59 %,
    12th score – 84.5%,
    graduation 61%, b com honours, du,
    sir what percentile should i get to make it to an iim or other top b-schools, and what marks should i get in sim cats?


  4. Sir,
    10th-9.0cgpa state Board
    12th-95% state Board
    Btech – 75% autnms board
    No work experience
    How much percentile should i have to get to get into older iims and fod new and baby iims….


    • Why do you want to have a minimum percentile in mind while preparing – you should rather go with an attitude to maximise your percentile. For example, if I tell you that 95%ile is sufficient – will you go and stop at 95%ile or will you try to overachieve? So, do not cloud your mind with these numerical barriew. Simply go for maximising your attempts, your accuracy and thereby your percentile:-)


  5. Sir, my brother have received a call from IIM Nagpur and Jamnalal Bajaj.
    He is really very confused because IIM Nagpur doesnt have alumni base and any past.
    Please guide vinayak sir.


  6. Hi Sir,

    I am a NRI applicant looking to apply to the IIMs through GMAT.
    If you have any understanding on the criteria for admission through GMAT please do let me know.

    My profile:

    10th: 84%
    12th: 90.2%

    BBA: 2.9/4 (Symbiosis International Univeristy)

    Elected to student government in final year of college

    Work Experience: 2 years 8 months

    GMAT: 670

    Also please do assess my chances for SPJIMR and XLRI


    • With a profile like yours, you have a very bright chance of making it to the IIMs. In any case, they do not get enough good profiles for their NRI quota. Yeah- the GMAT score could have been better, but i still believe you have a really good chance of making it if you do well in the interview rounds.


    • Congratulations…you must take the CAT again and try to push your scores up further. In the meanwhile work on improving your profile by taking up a job or joining relevant certificate programs.


    • Hi Shobhit…these are parameters you can’t change but if you do well enough in CAT some IIM options may open up for you. Further, ensure that you work on other profile parameters like work ex, certifications etc so that you have a better chance of converting a WAT-GD-PI call when you get one.


  7. I have got 85% in 10 ,80% in 12 and 70% in with 26months of work experience…With a good score can I expect to get into IIM A,B or C ?


    • A very good CAT score (along with your work exp) may open the doors of these institutes for you…but in any case you should give it your best! Also, look at options like ISB (and some international options) that are as good options if not better:-)


  8. Got 99.03 in CAT 2016. No call from old IIMs. Wasn’t planning for MBA so gave CAT without preparation. Apart from CAT I gave only NMAT. Right now I’ve call from NMIMS(Mumbai), IIM-Raipur,Rohtak,Ranchi,Udaipur. I’m a fresher. General Engineer Male. 10th- 84%, 12th- 79%, Engineering-8.00 CPI. What should I do? Should I Prepare properly and next year I should aim older IIMs and other colleges like FMS, IIFT, SP Jain, MDI. Or I should just take the admission this year. And also please tell me which college to join. NM or new IIMs(priority order of new IIMs). And also I’m expecting call from NITIE, IIT-B, IIT-D. If I get a call from them also then what should be the order of my choice.


    • Hi should wait for a year if you strongly believe you can improve your scores….however for this year ensure that you give your best shot to converting each and every call that you have…Choosing between the colleges you have mentioned will depend on the expected outcome from the MBA..


  9. 10th -87
    work ex- 8months
    cat 91 percentile
    I am shortlisted for new iims. should i focus on iims or non iims like kj somaiya, tapmi, imt gaziabad?


  10. sir i am really confused in tapmi and kj somaiya and imt nagpur.plese advise me sir.
    i got 89 percentile in XAT.I dont wan’t to give again.
    QA 78
    DM 89
    VA 89
    graduation engg:60%
    diploma: 61%


    • I would seriously not get into ranking these institutes…you should rather find out which institutes are best placed to deliver “your expected outcomes”…


  11. Sir, my son have received call from all IIM except ABC and he also received Provisional Admission Letter from SIBM, Pune.
    He is really very confused because selection in IIM will be in the month of April/May? But admission in SIBM, Pune to be confirmed on or before 09.03.2017.
    He is confused – what to do?
    Please guide him sir.


    • Hello sir,..firstly congratulations to you and your son for his selection to SIBM Pune. He should go ahead and block his seat – in the case that he converts a B-School rated higher than SIBM at a later stage, he can always claim a refund from SIBM. I know that this does create a need for some financial jugglery – but that’s how things work in the Indian B-School Selection process. The only reason for him to forego his seat in SIBM would be that he is very sure of getting into a better college or he is willing to wait for a year in the adverse possibility of not converting better colleges this year.


    • The comparison will be more on the basis of what you wish to specialise in – for Ops, I would recommend the IITs. IMO In the long run,any choice between the two should not make a lot of difference to your CAT prospects.


  12. Sir,
    These are my credentials :

    Xth – 90.5%
    XIIth – 84%
    BSc Chemistry – 80%

    Internship in the field of business development – 6 months.

    What are my chances of getting into the old IIMs if I aim for top percentile?


  13. Hello Sir,
    My details are as follows:
    10th: 95%
    12th: 81.8% 8.21(DGPA)
    W.E: 5 months(TCS)
    CAT’16: 90.66%LE

    Can you tell me my chances for iim’s in cat’17?


    • Hi Ayon, you do have a good academic background. Focus on your CAT prep for now (do not quit your job) – and maximise your CAT score. With a good CAT score you have more than a decent chance of making it to the second round of the selection process of the IIMs.


  14. Hello, Sir. I have converted SIBM Pune and likely to convert MDI and new IIMs. I want to marketing, can you please guide me how should I prioritize this colleges?


    • Congratulations for converting your SIBM call and all the best for the rest of the calls. for prioritisation, simply go by the list of recruiters expected at a particular B-School and the roles offered by them. A B-School that gives you access to your dream recruiter(s) should be given first preference. Further if two or more colleges offer similar placement opportunities, then factores like fees(ROI) and location must be used to determine the final choice.


  15. hello sir,

    i have 5.5 years of work-ex in manufacturing sector. I have converted IRMA anand Gujarat. i like to know, how is IRMA? and also i have calls from new IIMs, but due to my low percentile (83.5), its tough to convert them (however, PI was good)


    • IRMA is a very good institute – and being associated with a brand like AMUL gives it an edge over a lot of other B-Schools. Whether you should join it or not depends on the alternate options you have. With 5+ years of work experience, you must seriously explore Executive MBA options.


  16. Hello Sir,

    10th – 84%
    12th – 84%
    Btech – 8.9(CGPA)
    W.E – 28Months(TCS)

    This time got 75 percentile in CAT. Sir, Can You please guide me for this year(17). My Interest is in HR and Finance course.


  17. Hello VK sir,
    Work ex- 12months

    Are there any chances to expect calls from older IIM’s with 99+ percentile in CAT-2017 ? If yes, then what shall be the approximate number of calls ?


    • You do have a chance to get at least a couple of Calls from the older institutes. Do not blind yourself with targets like 99+ or 99.5+ – just give it your best to maximise your scores and you may be surprised with the results.


  18. Hello Sir,
    I had my interview of IIM Kozhikode and all new IIMs. It was an average. so if i would not get selected for IIM K should i wait for one more year or take admission in any IIM.
    I’M General Engineer Male currently working In IBM India Pvt Ltd(from 1.5 years). Completed my graduation in 2015. Scores in 10th 12th and Grad. are 83, 86 and 7.8


    • Since you have a decent academic record and are currently working with IBM, you can afford to wait for another year and try your luck to get into one of the top 10 B-Schools. You may also explore ISB as an option(it requires GMAT or GRE though).


  19. Hello Sir,
    I have been wait-listed for admission under NC-OBC Category at Waitlist No. WL-34 to the PGP(2017-19) at IIIM B …
    is there any chance available to convert this ?
    Please provide your valuable comments.


    • Hi,
      In the short term joining a SCMHRD or a baby IIM may not make too much of a difference to your career, in fact the sailing may be smoother at SCMHRD. However, in the long run being associated with an IIM brand may give you an edge.


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