CET results out! What next?

The CET results are out…and earlier than expected!! The DTE authorities released the CET results on 23rd March – 6 days ahead of the scheduled release on 29th March. Aspirants who scored well must have had a happier Holi this year:-)

Now, that the results are out, one of the most asked questions has been “I have got XX percentile, which B-School can I expect to get into?”. The answer to this question depends on Category (Open/OBC/SC/ST/NT/VJ), and Candidature Type (Home University-HU/Other than Home University-OHU/Outside Maharashtra State-OMS). IMS has put up a detailed list of B-Schools that accept CET scores along with their cut-offs in 2014-15 ( note that JBIMS was not a part of the CAP round process in 2015-16 and so last year’s data may not be indicative for the current year’s admission process). A snapshot of the same is given below:

CET cut-offs

However, note that the percentile cut-offs may vary from year to year in proportion to the total number of students taking the test. The State Merit rank is therefore a better indicator of where you stand. For a detailed list of B-Schools along with cut-offs as per Merit Ranks, visit http://myims.imsindia.com/microsite/what-after-cet/cet-cutoff.html

How many students ahead of you, i.e what is your probable State Merit Rank?

While the answer to this will finally depend upon how many applicants complete their application process from here-on and also the break-up of MS and OMS students. We have estimated your merit rank range as per the CET 2016 results declared. Your final state merit ranks will only get better (as it is known that every year some of the applicants withdraw from the process at this stage itself, for various reasons)

Ranks1      Ranks2.jpg

Process from here-on…

  1. Online Confirmation of Application Form for Admission and Document Verification at ARC (Application form Receipt Centers) to confirm Category and Candidature type
  2. Display of Provisional Merit List to verify applicant’s category and candidature type.
  3. Display of Final Merit list & scorecard with State General Merit Number and All India Merit Number.
  4. Submission of online option form for CAP round I
  5. CAP round I – allotment & acceptance by applicant (1st option if allotted is mandatory- else applicant has option to move to CAP round II)
  6. Submission of online option form for CAP round II
  7. CAP round II – allotment & acceptance by applicant (First 7 options if allotted are mandatory- else applicant has option to move to CAP round III)
  8. CAP round III – counseling round, wherein applicants will be called as per merit and each applicant can choose a college/program that has seats available at that point in time (first-come-first-serve basis)

DTE is yet to publish the deadlines for each of the above processes.  Watch out for updates on  IMS CET.  For a detailed note on each of the above steps, click here.

In conclusion

The CAP round process is one wherein you do not need to be too perturbed about which colleges you need to apply to based on your CET ranks – you can apply to as many as 100 colleges at a time (just get the order right) and leave the rest to the DTE’s allotment algorithm. Just ensure that you maintain the order of B-Schools as per the indicated cut-offs last year. This will maximize your chances of getting into the best possible B-School as per your CET score. If you do not get a B-School that you think you deserve and believe that you can improve your CET scores,  you may just decide to wait for another year and give another shot at CET.

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