Last Mile to CAT 2018

IMS has been conducting Last Mile to CAT : a must-attend event for CAT 2018 aspirants across the country. This year, we have conducted the same in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Varanasi, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Udaipur, Cochin and Coimbatore. 

Students who are preparing for the CAT 2018 exam have a common query, which is how can we maximize our score/performance in the remaining few weeks. Last Mile to CAT is an event which answers all the queries regarding the same. Post the event, students have been requesting us to share the content of the sessions conducted as a part of the event. This blog is compilation of all relevant links that will summarize the learning captured in the event.

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The 5 most important things that we covered in Last Mile to CAT:

1. Have a positive mindset – think like a winner

For all CAT aspirants, it is very essential that they approach their CAT preparation with a positive mindset. You first need to believe that “You CAN” crack the CAT to crack the CAT. So whatever be your level of preparation currently, you need to put your best foot forward from hereon.  You need to trust your ability to tramp the last mile before  CAT and also endure the toil therein. Most importantly, you need to enjoy the journey. Read the following blog for a few Do’s and Don’ts leading to CAT 2018:

2. Know the beast before you ride it

The best plan for CAT can only be laid out if you know what CAT is all about. So, first get a hang of what you can expect in CAT 2018:

They say that you need to know the past to predict the future. So, find below a couple of videos that give you a quick analysis of the 2 CAT 2017 test slots:



Further, please ensure that you effectively use the following resources provided by IMS to help increase your CAT scores:

  1. C.A.T online module  with a database of more than 5000 questions across areas and varied levels of difficulty
  2. 15 Proctored SimCATs
  3. 25 Take-home SimCATs and 30 Section Tests
  4. 15 Maximiser Workshops (now available in online format as eMaximiser)
  5. CAT 500 and RC 100 books

3.  Improving your scores – the ABC approach

Now that you know about the test and its structure, you need to answer the question – how to improve my CAT percentile. While most of our preparation revolves around learning Math and English, one forgets that CAT is an aptitude test wherein you need to maximise your attempts and maintain your accuracy. CAT is not a test of completion, it  is a test of elimination. So you may know Math, you may know English – but if you are unable to maximise your attempts within the test time-limits, you will end up getting a lower percentile. The most important part, therefore,  of approaching a competitive examination like CAT is to know which questions to attempt and which to leave. For this IMS recommends the ABC Approach towards question selection. To know more about what it is and how to perfect it read the following link :

You will find a lot of useful posts on for important tips on how to improve your scores in each of the 3 sections.

4. Perfecting the Art of Test Taking:

Just having a great preparation is not enough to crack the CAT. You also have to have the right mindset and attitude. You need to have a plan for the C-Day. The first step of the plan is to know what is a good percentile in CAT?

Then you need to set the right targets on your way to a 99 percentile

I’m sure by now a small question must have been niggling at the back of your mind. ‘How many SimCATs should I take to score a 99 percentile on the CAT?’

But just knowing how many SimCATs to take is not enough. You need to analyse your results every time and lay threadbare every aspect of your preparation. To know how to do it you’ll have to spend some time here:

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses and are on the way to perfecting your strategy, then only you will be able to take your SimCAT scores to the next level.

5.  Application Strategy

Your MBA pursuit is not just about taking tests – you also need to apply to the right set of B-Schools. You need to be in control of your application strategy – you need to shortlist your target B-Schools, apply to them and prepare adequately for the corresponding selection process. here is a video that summarises how you should go about your application strategy:

For a quick reference to the selection criteria of IIMs, previous year cut-offs of other B-Schools accepting CAT and selection criteria of non-CAT institutes, click here.

6. Math-e-magic

Aspirants often find that even after covering all the concepts, they are unable to make sufficient attempts in the QA section. Often this is due to an over-reliance on equations; the most successful aspirants often develop a way of thinking which will enable them to solve at least a few questions with minimal writing. A flavour of this mindset can be obtained here:

I hope you find this compilation of the articles useful and make most of it in your Last Mile to CAT.

We wish you all the very best and look forward to your success in the achievement of your B-School dream.


2 thoughts on “Last Mile to CAT 2018

  1. Hello Sir, I have registered for the event, but could not find the decorum of the events being planned on this day. Based on the confirmation email, seems like we have some mock exam or so. Can you please add more on this.


    • Hi Ashutosh, the event is a workshop wherein you will be addressed by industry experts who will guide you wrt test taking strategy and application strategy and aldo help you with creating a study plan for the last mile to CAT. You will also have section-wise sessions taken by some of our best Mentors.


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