CAT 2021 : Prepare kiya toh darna kya?

Dear CAT aspirants,

D-Day is here!! Tomorrow is the day you all have been anxiously waiting for. So, what should you be doing now –

  • Go through your IMS Courseware one more time, OR
  • Take that one last SimCAT, OR
  • Master that one concept which someone said is very important, OR
  • Do anything that is, in some way, related to CAT preparation.

The answer is – NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!

You are done with whatever preparation you could have done – trying to add something to your skill-set in these last few hours (however important you may think it is) will hardly help your cause. You rather give some rest to your mind -as it needs to be fresh and alert when you take on the CAT tomorrow. 20 years back, I would have suggested you to go watch a senseless Govinda movie (as you were supposed to leave your brains behind when you saw those movies). Or if you still are an Aamir Khan fan, you could possibly watch a movie like Andaz Apna Apna – my all time favourite. Watching any high decibel news channel ( I won’t name any:p) today may be injurious to your mental health. Basically try and engage in any activity that gives your mind a well-deserved break before tomorrow.

  • Don’t get too perturbed about the possible outcome of tomorrow’s test.
  • Don’t be disturbed if the last few tests have not gone well for you.
  • Don’t worry if you believe you have not had the optimal level of preparation.
  • Don’t get hassled if you have not been doing as well as your friends.

At this point nothing matters but your performance in the 120 minutes. Go and give it your best shot and you may surprise yourself. Grab this chance to prove everyone, who believed in you,  right and everyone, who didn’t,  wrong. Don’t give up – not now, and not while taking the test. Have a positive attitude and the results will be positive too.

  • Look at the 2 hr test as a series of 3 forty minute tests.
  • Let your performance in 1 section not affect your performance in another.
  • If things are not going too well in a section, look around and tell yourself it’s the case with everyone- so possibly the test is difficult. Do not try to score a 300+ score on a 200 pitch – you may end up getting bowled for score below 100. 
  • So, as you take the test,  you will realise if the going is easy or tough and you could accordingly pace yourself and maximise your attempts in that section rather than going after the proverbial golden deer, as in, a pre-decided number of attempts.

IMS has arranged to put up a detailed analysis for all the three slots along with our take on what will be a good score to secure a call from the IIMs for the next stage of the selection process. So log on to  after CAT and we will be there to help you with the next steps.

All the Best to all CAT aspirants, on behalf of the entire IMS team!!

Play it your way:) May the scores be with you!!


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